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I'm looking forward to talking with you about your writing, and helping you complete your novel.

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Your Friend in Fiction

Your Friend in Fiction

Your Friend in Fiction

I want to help you enjoy your writing and complete your novel.

My Experience:  I’ve written 3 novels, and I’ve been a professional communicator for 30 years. I started as a journalist, and I’ve been a writer, editor, consultant, analyst, marketer, photographer, and conference speaker. I taught college classes in Communication. I’ve managed staffs, worked with writers, and encouraged dozens of new novelists in my discussion groups.


Here to Help

Your Friend in Fiction

Your Friend in Fiction

Writing is Hard. 

Talking about it helps make it easier.

I know how difficult writing can be. 

I've been working on my 3 books for years!

And I know many writers get lost along the way and give up.

Don’t Give Up. Don’t Get Lost. 


Ready to Talk

Your Friend in Fiction

Ready to Talk

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In our first free 15-minute conversation, you’ll find out how I can help you, if we can enjoyably speak together, and where we can start to improve your writing. 

For our conversation, you can book the time that works best for you.

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You Need a Coach

The best in any field have coaches they work with everyday. Those coaches aren’t the best themselves — they just know how to help their clients achieve their best.

Certain aspects of coaching — accountability, support, checklists and guides — can be provided by someone who has those skills but doesn’t necessarily write themselves.

However, a writer would likely get frustrated with a coach who isn’t also a writer. There are times you need to talk to someone who understands your particular struggle, not just someone who can call on proven techniques to try and get you to work your own way through the problem. 

When you have a hard time completing a story (as most of us often do, because every line is a choice, and every choice is emotional, and every emotional choice can be wearying…) then you want to talk to someone who can say, “Yeah, I’ve been there too.” 

Not someone who says “What? That’s nonsense, shake it off, keep working. Here’s a checklist.”

What I Offer

Choosing Me as Your Coach

Your choice of course depends on what you are looking for, and what you need. 

There are very good options out there if you are interested in detailed editing, impeccable grammar, or more literary forms of fiction.

My focus is on genre-driven commercial entertainment. 

I offer one-on-one conversation, providing you great advice, perspective, support, camaraderie, and understanding.

I believe those are the things most beginning novelists don’t have, and that most of us really need.

Why Am I Doing This?

I enjoy talking about storytelling. And I like to help people.

My years as a professional journalist and analyst gave me plenty of experience gathering extensive information and then condensing and distilling that info into a more palatable and digestible form (can you tell I was hungry when writing this?).

I’ve autodidact-ally educated myself on storytelling — through books, blogs, article, podcasts, seminars, and courses.

But mostly, I enjoy talking about storytelling, and helping other writers. 

Affordable Rates

Why am I charging by the hour just to talk? 

Three reasons: 

1. Honestly, I want to earn some money here. 

2. I also want to filter out anyone who isn’t serious enough about their writing to pay $10 for the help they need. 

3. I believe the saying is true: We value what we pay for. If we get it free, we don’t value the service — and so we won’t even follow helpful advice.

You Don’t Need an Expert

You might ask, “But are you an expert? Are you successful?” 

The answer is simple enough: No. I have written three books, but I have not yet sold my novels. 

I am now completing the book I will self-publish this year.

I do have years of experience as a professional writer and editor.

I know enough to be helpful to you… if you are a beginner. 

Think of a writing career as a road that stretches from beginner to best-seller. Most of us won’t make it to best-seller, but there are plenty of milestones along the way there. I started down the road a few years ago. If I’m now further along, then I can help you. 

Even if you are further along than I — you would still benefit from supportive and helpful conversation.

I Don’t Offer Everything 

I focus on storytelling.

I don’t provide advice on marketing, building your platform, sales, agents, publishing, audience outreach, etc. 

We can discuss these things, but I’ll refer you to other experts.

What Else Can’t I do For You?

I can’t give false hope and say your writing is great… if it isn’t. 

I can’t say your story idea is exciting and compelling… if it isn’t. 

I can’t guarantee you’ll get an agent, get a book contract, or have a best-seller. 

I can’t even promise you’ll finish your book, or that it’ll be any good if you do. 

No coach can honestly make all those promises.

I do promise I will do my best to help you enjoy your writing, and complete your novel.

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